Request Additional Prints for Student Printing

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Students are given 500 pages they can print around campus. If additional prints are needed, students can purchase these at Student Account Services (formerly known as the cash office), and this form can be used to submit the purchase receipt to IT to have the pages added. This form can be used by Student Account Services employees or students.

Page Cost Guide

  • $0.05 - 1 page
  • $1.00 - 20 pages
  • $2.00 - 40 pages
  • $5.00 - 100 Pages
  • $7.00 - 140 Pages
  • $10.00 - 200 pages

The ticket Requestor should always be the Student regardless who is submitting the request. Any missing information could delay the addition of prints.

Prints are typically added within 2 hours. If it is an emergency, please call the Help Desk at 417-447-7548 after submitting this form to request an immediate addition.