Password resets, User Name, default passwords, & temporary accounts

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Pinned Article Student User Name and Default Password Format

How to find your user name and default password.

Alumni Accounts

This article goes over the access and restrictions on Alumni accounts.

Computer Use Agreement

Full content of the OTC Computer Use Agreement.

How to Change Your OTC Password

Instructions for how to change your OTC password from an OTC computer or MyOTC, along with password requirements and tips for keeping your password secure.

Resetting Your Password with PASS

How to reset your password with the PASS self service system

Staff ID Number (Colleague ID)

As a staff member, you have an ID number similar to students. It's a good idea to know what this number is, for uses like password resets where IT needs to verify your identity as a staff member.

Student Name Change FAQ

This article describes the process and time line for students requesting a name change.